Anna Kairos (Musician) | Interview

Fast ausschließlich mit der Macht des Klaviers und ihrer großen Stimme zieht Anna Kairos in ihren Bann. Mit der „Hosting time“ EP hat die Berliner Musikerin gerade ihre erste richtige EP veröffentlicht. Im INTRODUCING-Interview stellt sie sich vor, erzählt von ihren großen Vorbildern und kündigt nebenbei neue Musik an.

Your photo:





Active since:

Always. But really active in the music business not since last year. I started out about a year ago and my EP just got released a few weeks ago. I am a real newcomer, so to say.

Music drawer:

Piano, Singer-Songwriter, Pop Noir

What everybody needs to know about you:

Let me think… there are so many things… maybe that I am planning to go more in the producers direction in the upcoming time… and that I will release a single prior to my album in the next weeks, which will give you a good taste how my album will sound like. I am super excited about this one. It is a song I feel very connected to. I feel that I get to know myself more with every song I write. It is a very interesting, intense process.

Your current release:

My first official EP „HOSTING TIME“

Your finest song:

That is for the others to decide. I can’t really say. I love them all.

Your first favorite band:

It was not really a band. My first favorite singer was Nina Simone. I discovered her in the CD collection of my parents, when I was around 13. I am in love with her and her music since then.

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Your guilty-music-pleasure:

Kanye West, Rap music in general.

The song of your life:

It changes from month to month, week to week, year to year. But if I had to choose only one song, it would be Human Nature by Michael Jackson, I love him and his music – and especially this song. But there are so many other great songs out there to mention… maybe some day I put a playlist together.

Your best lyric-line:

I rather quote a great lyric line: „He took my pearl and left and empty shell of me“ by Fiona Apple
My lyrics do function more in the context of the whole text and the song, but if I had to choose, I would say this one I like very much:
„Cast my shadow, leave my bed. I hold in my cheek your last kiss, lift my doubts of my brain… “

What you would do in life without music:

It would be a really sad life. But I would still do art and practice philosophy. I would read, think and love.

What you take with you to a desert island:

I would take my best friend to have someone to talk to about the absurdities of life on a desert island – and to laugh a lot. As well I would take my piano with me and some equipment to record. When the music is recorded – obviously I would have a lot of time for that… I would put it it a bottle and send it over the ocean and hope that someone finds it and enjoys it.

Your favorite place:

all places in nature… and Paris and Los Angeles

Your life motto:

„Begin anywhere“ a quote by the great John Cage

Your wish for the future:

I wish more peace and happiness for all of us. More conscious acting and behaving. I wish for a free spirit and no boundaries in terms of creative expression and love for each other.

What you always wanted to say:

Be real and never believe the people who don’t believe in you. Don’t believe the nay sayers – don’t give them any attention. They are afraid of themselves and the world. Believe in yourself, go out and let your light shine.

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Anna Kairos zeigt, wie man fast „nur“ mit einem Klavier und einer Stimme eine monumentale Stimmung erzeugen kann. Nur hin und wieder blitzen Soundtexturen und Streicher auf, ansonsten stehen auf der „Hosting time“ EP die schwarz-weißen Tasten im Vordergrund. Nicht unbedingt zugänglich, aber dann bezaubernd schön. Man darf auf die angekündigte nächste Single und das Album gespannt sein.

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