Benz – Erazor (Song) | Interview

Interview mit Benz zum Song „Erazor“ | Nicht von den ersten Sekunden blenden lassen. Während zu Beginn des Songs die Gitarren kreischen, entwickelt sich „Erazor“ anschließend zu einem wunderbaren Alvvays-like-Track. Im Interview erklärt die schwedische Künstlerin Benz den Track.

How did you write „Erazor“ in the very beginning?

As I remember, it started with the melody of the chorus and a drum pattern. Yesterday I was looking around in my laptop just listening through some old stuff and I found an old piece of music that I wrote also called Erazor. The music was some kind of experimental atonal sound, it reminded me of the distinctive guitars in Erazor.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

In the beginning Erazor was twice as fast. I wanted to create something radiant and wavering. Something didn’t seem to fall into place so we tried to lower the speed and it became clear that this was the way to continue.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

The slightly awkward sound of confusion.

How can I understand the lyrics?

It’s my personal opinion that lyrics in general are supposed to integrate with the listener on its own, and create a new meaning depending on their personal experiences and feelings. For me Erazor is about a time full of change and hope, with a sense of neurosis.

What’s your favorite one-liner of the song?

You’re my brain erazor
Singing directly towards someone or to myself.

Why did you choose to name the EP „Erazor“?

It just captured what I was feeling, erasing and starting over.

At what point of a concert do you play the song?

I change the setlist sometimes. It all depends on which songs goes best with each other and the dynamics of the set. Right now, at the end.

What can you tell us about the music video and its connection to the track?

The video reflects the sound more than the story. We wanted to capture the playfulness of the song. It was a beautiful day when we were filming and Ebba Gustavsson Ågren really captured me having fun and playing around in the Swedish countryside.

What songs would you put around „Erazor“ on a mixtape?

This is what came to my mind…
Alvvays- Plimsoll punks
Kurt Vile- Wakin on a Pretty Day
Violent Femmes- Add it Up

At what moment should I play the song?

Taking the train or when you spill out coffee all over your desk.

Stellt den Kaffee lieber etwas beiseite und legt jetzt die gesamte EP von Benz auf. Macht Laune!

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