CaptainCaptain – Up to no good (Song)

Eine weitere Entdeckung aus der französischen Indie-Schatzkiste. Die etwas unbekannteren CaptainCaptain machen schnörkellosen Indietronic-Pop und entwickeln dabei neben The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club und Metronomy doch einen eigenen Stil. Im Interview berichtet die Band aus Paris über ihren neuen Hit „Up to no good“ von der gleichnamigen EP.

How did you write the track in the very beginning?

We were messing about in the studio with the drummer and our former keyboard player. The main riff came out and we built on that platform to get to the final result!

What can you tell us about recording the song?

This one was pretty straightforward because we knew what we wanted. We chose to go for a more electronic sound so we started by recording the drum machine and then each of us recorded their own part separately.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

Around 3.05 when the second guitar kicks in!

How can I understand the lyrics?

By listening to the song or reading them… 🙂 Sorry about that, anyway, I guess it’s about this guy who is sick and tired of having people telling him he’s not doing well enough and he should do things their way. But he doesn’t really want to.

What’s your favorite one-liner of the song?

Why did you choose the track as the title track of your EP?

We all agreed it was the strongest song on the EP and we liked the idea of being up to no good as a band. It sounds pretty cool too.

At what point of a concert would you most likely play it?

Towards the end when people have had time to get into the groove of the set. The ending builds up towards a grand finale that quite suits a penultimate or last song in a set!

How’s the music video fitting to the song?

The video is the work of our bass player. It’s simply a bunch of kids missing school, stealing cars, driving away from the police with girls in the back of the car, basically being up to no good.

At what moment should I play the song?

Even though the lyrics aren’t too joyful, the melody and rhythm are still pretty upbeat. Driving on your way to a party (you won’t be driving home though because you are planning to have quite a few drinks) or on your way to work (today is the day you’re telling your boss you’re leaving) or whenever you feel like it!

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Die gesamte EP ist ein schmackhaftes Indie-Pop-Feuerwerk. Gebt euch die volle Ladung CaptainCaptain mit den drei anderen Track von „Up to no good“ und den restlichen EPs.


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