Eliza Shaddad – My body (Song)

Eliza Shaddad spannt uns ganz schön auf die Folter. Schon die zweite Single draußen, aber immer noch keine offizielle Ankündigung des Debütalbums. Um die Wartezeit zu verkürzen, stellt die talentierte Britin im Interview ihr rockiges Epos „My body“ vor und plaudert dabei Insides zur Entstehung aus.

How did you write the track in the very beginning?

I actually wrote the chords soundchecking my guitar in Amsterdam on the first night of our very first European tour back in 2016.  The lyrics came maybe 6 months later, all at once which always feels weirdly like cheating to me.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

It was a dream – the guitar, vocal and drums are all one take – we added some bass and guitars, bvs and a tambourine, and that was pretty much it.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

The harmony that comes in over the top in the chorus  (If I’m right / If I’m wrong)

How can I understand the lyrics?

It’s about lying awake in bed, waiting to forget someone.

What’s your favorite one-liner of the song?

I guess my favourite line would be

‘I hang my hand over the edge, as if I could wave away the worst of all the things we said’

Why did you choose the track as the second single of your following first full-length album?

I feel like this song helps connect my previous releases with the newer direction of this album.. So having this be the second track released means that the first single was quite different, but then ‘My Body’ reminds you that not everything has changed.  In fact they are in this order on the album itself, so so far I am just releasing the album tracks in order 🙂

At what point of a concert do you play „My body”?

At the minute I play it third a lot, but that’s largely to do with tuning my guitar.

What can you tell us about the music video?

I’m so happy with it.  I really wanted it to feel super nostalgic and memory-driven and demonstrate the restlessness described in the lyrics, and the director Joe McCrae did such a fantastic job. The vibe is super nostalgic and then the hand-drawn effects which come out as the song progresses are just so sick.

At what moment should I play the song?

I think it would be boss to have playing as you walk into a house party haha!

that new music blog sagt:

Nach dem bereits richtig starken „White lines“ ein weiterer Top-Track, dem nun endlich die Ankündigung des Debütalbums folgen muss. Eliza Shaddad unterscheidet sich stark zu anderen Solo-Künstlerinnen durch die Mächtigkeit und die Power, die hinter ihren Tracks steckt. In „My body“ rumpelt der Bass beispiellos voran, um dann von kantigen Gitarren-Files zerberstet zu werden – und das alles in einem groovenden Stück.

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