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Interview mit Faces on TV zu „Night funeral“ | Ein böse dreinblickender Belgier in Schwarz-Weiß? Das hatten wir doch erst letztes Jahr! Nach Warhaus MÜSST ihr euch diesen Herbst mit Jasper Maekelberg aka Faces on TV beschäftigen. Der ehemalige Live-Musiker von Warhaus hat mit „Night funeral“ ein ähnlich düster-elektrisierendes Album aufgenommen und beantwortet im Interview Fragen zum Titeltrack.

How did you write „Night funeral“ in the very beginning?

I’ve been writing songs since I was the annoying little boy that weeped when his mama left him at school. So the beginning of “Night Funeral” is not that clear to me. Must have been somewhere in Switzerland if I recall my Warhaus touring schedule. But I remember very clearly when I finished the song, probably because it was such a cliché songwriting moment.
– I was looking out of my window, humming the chorus, lost my balance for some reason, kicked against my glass of wine that spilled over my new carpet, found my balance by almost de-tailing the cat of my neighbors, sat down on my chair, then fell off because the leg broke, fell on the floor and came up with the words of the chorus.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

Most of the songs on the album are written in a camper (yes, Warhaus toured with a camper van, very cosy, very smelly). So inevitably there’s some camper noise on the album. I did some recordings with different drummers and started to cut ‘em up and build my own grooves with the bits and pieces I collected. All of the other instruments I played myself, since I didn’t have enough money to hire real musicians.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

Think the moment where everything stops and there’s just bass and some weird string machine.

How can I understand the lyrics?

For me it’s the song that summarizes the album. It’s like a big sorry.

What’s your favorite one-liner of the song?

Hm, hard to say myself. A friend of mine wrote one sentence of the lyrics in her book of “lyrics to inspire and not to forget” (that was a great honor). 
It was: “Spilling love and leaking lust, oh it’s a night funeral”.

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Why did you put „Night funeral“ at third position of the album?

Very good question. Don’t know, it felt right that way. I spent a lot of time deciding the tracklisting for the album because I want people to really listen to the album as one big journey. It’s one story, not a collection of stories.

And why did you choose to name the album after that song?

As I mentioned before this song summarizes the album for me.

At what point of a concert do you play the song?

Depends, mostly somewhere in the middle when it’s time to give those hips some rest and look a little deeper into your lover’s eyes.

What song would you put next to „Night funeral“ on a mixtape?

Ammi Ammi (feat Jamie Isaac) from Archy Marshall would be a very good track to listen next.

At what moment should I play the song?

At the end of a long drive home. You arrive at your house when the breakdown starts and you stay put ‘till the end of the song. You slam the door on the last “take it back”.

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Ein verstörend, laszives Abenteuer, welches nicht nur aufgrund Jaspers Vergangenheit als Live-Musiker bei Warhaus eben jene Band anklingen lässt. Ähnlich elektrisierend, vielleicht noch einen Teil verspielter und abwechslungsreicher. Herz von mir!

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Passt auf beim Tür-Schlagen und hört euch unbedingt auch den Rest des Albums an – es lohnt sich! 

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