H-Burns – Tigress (PREMIERE) | Interview

Interview und Videopremiere zu „Tigress“ von H-Burns | that new music blog is back in business, und zwar mit einer Videopremiere von H-Burns. Der Clip zum starken „Tigress“ erscheint einen Tag vor Album-VÖ schon auf that new music blog. Außerdem hat Renaud, der Musiker hinter H-Burns, zum Song einige Fragen beantwortet. JUUUHUU! <3

How did you write „Tigress“ in the very beginning?

I think it was guitar first, then went looking for a beat on the drum machine, then the vocals came up. Bassline came afterward, though when you first listen to the song, you would think the song was written around that line but no!

What can you tell us about recording the song?

We did the basic track live and on tape, that means bass, guitars and drums.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

Second part of the second verse, that goes, where the verse is longer and it all builds up.

How can I understand the lyrics?

It is a pretty straight forward metaphor of desire and sexiness, and i tried to oppose these nice and passionate feelings to a small town where there’s not much hope, dreaming or desire.

What’s your favorite one-liner of the song?

“My little hometown is dying but my little tigress is wild.”

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Why did you choose to put „Tigress“ at the first position of the album?

Musically It felt like it would ‘set the stage» perfectly, nylon guitars first, electric guitar next, a « Gainsbourg-ish scream, and then big drum and bass track.

At what point of a concert do you play the song?

Good question, working on that next week. Any ideas are welcome.

What can you tell us about the music video?

It was shot in San Diego California and directed by Mortis Studio. You ‘ll follow a girl cruising around town, texting while driving, and there’s a pretty sexy Carwash scene in it!

What songs would you put around „Tigress“ on a mixtape?

Marvin Gaye « Let’s get it on »

At what moment should I play the song?

If you play the mixtape we were just talking about, then i guess late at night.

Macht’s euch gemütlich und zieht euch „Tigress“ rein. Morgen erscheint übrigens auch das gesamte Album von H-Burns, welches sich irgendwo zwischen Eels und Wilco einordnet und ganz vorzüglich ist. Hört mal rein.

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