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Interview mit der Band I Feel Fine | I Feel Fine? Klingt irgendwie im ersten Moment nicht so, schließlich stützen sich I Feel Fine auf Eno-Helden wie The Hotelier und mewithoutYou. Wie bei den amerikanischen Kollegen bietet aber auch die Musik der Truppe aus Brighton so seine Lichtblicke. Im Interview stellt Joe seine Band vor.

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Brighton (UK)

Active since:

We always have to think quite hard on this one… I think Nathan, Antoine and Scott got together around 2014 or maybe even earlier and I joined towards the end of 2015. In a way we didn’t really figure out what we wanted to do and start working hard until last year.

Music drawer:

I think the main ones for us would be The Hotelier, Crash of Rhinos, Sport, The Appleseed Cast and Mineral.

What everybody needs to know about you:

Absolutely nothing. We’re all intensely private.

Your current release:

We released our first EP ‘Long distance celebration’ in May of this year.

Your finest song:

In terms of what we’ve put out already I think we all have a soft spot ‘Pan for gold’ but we’ve been playing a new song called ‘Million’ recently and that’s been really fun. It’s probably going to be some time before that’ll be recorded but it’ll be exciting to show people once we get round to it.

Your first favourite band:

It’s a bit of a cliché I guess but Nirvana was the first band that I really started to delve in to. Like most people the first song I learned to play on the guitar was smells like teen spirit back when I was about twelve. 

Your guilty music pleasure:

People always say that you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you like but I think as a band we play Limp Bizkit in each other’s company way more than anyone should.

The song of your life:

For me personally my favourite song is ‘Pink Moon’ by Nick Drake. I don’t what that says about me but I just really love that song.

Your best lyric line:

‘I am the one and only’ by Chesney Hawkes is the only mantra anyone needs. If you’re talking about a line from one of our songs though then I’ll remind you that we’re intensely private.

What would you do in life without music:

I would probably work a similarly dull office job but maybe I’d go on nice holidays with my girlfriend instead of driving from city to city in a van clouded with stale farts.

What would you take with you on a desert island:

A homing pigeon to get me off of the desert island?

Your favorite place:

New York blew my mind, would love us to play there one day.

Your life motto:

I don’t have one and no one ever told me theirs. Is it too late to get one?

Your wish for the future:

I’m nearly thirty so I guess it would be to be able to retire at thirty.

What you always wanted to say:

Dreadlocks make me a little bit sick in my mouth. 

that new music blog sagt:

Saftige und reibe Gitarren mit Schmuckstück-Melodien, eine treibende Rhythm-Section und fantastische Hardcore-Vocals. Mich konnten I Feel Fine als Vorband von Wild Cat Strike überzeugen und ihr wisst ja: Wer als Support-Act überzeugen, muss besonders viel richtig machen. Also Band unterstützen und auf ein Album warten.

Hier könnt ihr euch genauer mit I Feel Fine beschäftigen und die Band durch einen Kauf unterstützen:

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