Leoprrrds (Band)

Wieso nicht einmal etwas ausprobieren im Indie-Rock? Das in Berlin ansässige Trio Leoprrrds vereint schöne Instrumental-Läufe mit sehr variablen Songstrukturen. Nach dem Release ihrer EP „Hot like lava“ im November 2017 stellt sich die internationale Band in Form von Drummer Ian selbst vor.
Your photo:

Berlin via Sweden/UK/Israel
Active since:
Music drawer:
What one should absolutely know about you:
That we somehow found each other somewhere between Jerusalem and the Arctic Circle, and discovered common meaning through the divine power of the guitar.
Your current release:
Your finest song:
Out Of Practice

Your first favourite band:
Your guilty-music-pleasure:
The song of your life:
Divinyls – I Touch Myself
Your best lyric line:
I’m hot like lava! I’m gonna erupt!
What you would do in your life without music:
A life without music is a life not worth living, but the beach has a certain appeal.
What you are taking with you to a lonely island:
Guitar. Bass. Drums.
Your favourite place:
Internet Explorer is our favourite venue! So let’s say there.
Your life motto:
I love Rock ’n‘ Roll / Put another dime in the jukebox, baby
Your wish for the future:
It would be great to record some more and to play with more bands. We’ve met some inspiring people so far. Keep ‚em coming!
What you always wanted to say:
You’re playing in a bar to 30 people. Don’t be a dick.
that new music blog sagt:
Melodischer und doch schön schräger Indie-Pop mit vielen Wendungen und Experimenten, die allesamt funktionieren. Ein toller Gegenentwurf zum Gute-Laune-Radio-Indie.

Nächstes Konzert:

5.5. Internet Explorer, Berlin

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