Listener – Little folded fingers (Song)

Ist das noch Hardcore? Oder ist das schon Indie? Seit mehreren Jahren stolziert Dan Smith mit seinem Projekt Listener auf einem schmalen Pfad zwischen verschiedenen Genres. Mit ihrer Spoken-Word-getriebenen und mit DIY-Mentalität umgesetzten Musik verzauberten Dan und seine Jungs etwa mit großartigen Tracks wie „Falling in love with glaciers“. Nun ist aus dem ursprünglichen Soloprojekt scheinbar eine richtige Band geworden: Die neue Platte „being empty: being filled“ kommt eher im Gruppen-Outfit und mit einem gleichmäßigeren Sound daher. Und ist trotzdem ganz grandios. Im Interview erklärt Dan, wie es zum Meisterstück „Little folded fingers“ kam.

How did you write the track in the very beginning?

In the start I wanted to write a song about my mom and dad, and Kris and I got together with a few lines and ideas in a cold basement and started working through it. This was one of the harder songs to figure out on the record.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

We went to Glow in the Dark Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and spent time with our friends Nate and Josh. It was one of the nicest studios we have recorded in yet.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

I love how it sounds like there’s a jet taking off in the beginning and the intro jams, and then evens out….it’s sort of takes off from the beginning, and mellows out. I like that about the song.

How can I understand the lyrics?

All the songs on the record are loosely based on inventors and their inventions in some way…some play a larger part of the song and some don’t. I want to write about the invention of life and what a better place to start than with my parents. So, most of it is about them, and how we are all enemies and all families in some way.

What’s your favorite one-liner?

Ein von @thatnewmusicblog geteilter Beitrag am

I was in Texas a couple years ago for my grandmothers funeral and my family asked me to play a song at the funeral grave site, and I did…and I realized I was also playing on my fathers grave, they are buried next to each other there….and I saw ants on the ground making a life, and I wrote that line that day.

Why did you put the track at that position of the album?

We put it at #2 because of how it felt in the record…the tempo and feeling of it.

At what point of a concert would you most likely play it?

I think we’ve been playing that one at #3 or 4 in a concert.

Gönnt euch unbedingt das ganze, großartige neue Album „being empty: being filled“. Ob Listener auch live überzeugen, könnt ihr auf diesen Shows erfahren.

01.03.2018 _ NL _ Rotterdam, Rotown
02.03.2018 _ BE _ Antwerpen, Den Englantier
03.03.2018 _ FR _ Angers, Jokers Pub
04.03.2018 _ FR _ Dunkerque, 4 Ecluses
05.03.2018 _ UK _ Brighton, The Prince Albert
06.03.2018 _ UK _ Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
07.03.2018 _ UK _ Belfast, Voodoo 
08.03.2018 _ IE _ Dublin, Gypsy Rose
09.03.2018 _ UK _ Bristol, The Louisiana 
10.03.2018 _ UK _ London, Oslo 
11.03.2018 _ FR _ Orleans, Astrolabe
12.03.2018 _ FR _ Paris, Espace B
13.03.2018 _ DE _ Dortmund, FZW
15.03.2018 _ DE _ Berlin, Kantine am Berghain
16.03.2018 _ DE _ Dresden, Beatpol 
17.03.2018 _ CZ _ Prague, Underdogs
18.03.2018 _ HU _ Budapest, Duerer Kert
19.03.2018 _ AT _ Vienna, Rhiz
20.03.2018 _ AT _ Linz, Stadtwerkstatt  
21.03.2018 _ DE _ Munich, Backstage
22.03.2018 _ CH _ Winterthur, Gaswerk
23.03.2018 _ DE _ Karlsruhe, Jubez 
24.03.2018 _ DE _ Darmstadt, Oetinger Villa 

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