Miesha & The Spanks (Band)

Schmeißt den Synthesizer in die Ecke, versteckt den Vocoder – hier kommt straighte Rockmusik. Das kanadische Duo Miesha & The Spanks stellt der Welt sein neuestes Album „Girls girls girls“ und im INTRODUCING sich selbst vor.

Your photo:


Miesha & The Spanks



Active since:


Music drawer:

My music drawer or where Spanks would go? I call Spanks “Garage Rock” or just straight “Rock n Roll.” My music drawer has a lot of that, plus some motown. I’m anxiously waiting to get my hands on the new Hot Snakes, and am hunting for Sam Cooke’s Live at Harlem.

What everybody needs to know about you:

We are definitely at home on the road. We play loud, awesome rock n roll, and we love to do it every night, and drive all day. Maybe not drive ALL day, but pretty much overall yes.

Your current release:

Girls Girls Girls

Your finest song:

Lost Boy

Your first favorite band:

Green Day

Your guilty-music-pleasure:

Edwyn Starr, War

The song of your life:

Aretha Franklin, Sisters

Your best lyric-line:

“You’ll take you kool-aid cold”

What you would do in life without music:

If I didn’t play music, I wanted to draw comic books. Superheroes.

What you take with you to a desert island:

A hammock and a tiki bar.

Your favorite place:

At the helm of a Star Wars Pinball machine

Your life motto:

Not my ____, not my problem

Your wish for the future:

Touring the EU and UK!

What you always wanted to say:

That yes I would love to be the first band in outer space.

that new music blog sagt:

Knackiger Rock, der sich selbst nicht zu ernst nimmt und ohne Kompromisse die Gitarren auspackt. Eine Band, die es mal wieder brauchte.

Auf die EU-Tour muss leider noch gewartet werden. Hier könnt ihr euch aber die volle Ladung Miesha & The Spanks geben.



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