Mydy Rabycad – Ain’t no light (Song)

Let’s get that party started! Wenn ihr mal wieder so richtig das Tanzbein schwingen wollt, sind die Indie-Elektro-Swing-Crossover-Helden Mydy Rabycad für euch da. Mit der tschechischen Band und ihrer neuen Platte „M.Y.D.Y.“ lässt sich die Küche schnurstracks in eine Disco verwandeln. Im Interview erzählen Nèro, Mik und Žofie wie der fetzige Opener „Ain’t no light“ entstanden ist.

How did you write the track in the very beginning?

Nèro: It started from the main opening melody which Miky came up with. Then we started jamming and I wrote the bass line and the clavinet part in the intro.

Mik: And then we started thinking about the chorus. I came with the idea of horns, drawn it into midi and Nèro made some little changes. Then it was done. So much fun!

What can you tell us about recording the song?

Nèro: As usually, it was The Great Joy for me. Recording so many sounds and watching how the rough demo is becoming a song… I love these moments when the song is slowly getting into the final shape.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

Nèro: Le Grande Finale with live brass! I find it very powerful and love playing that live.

Mik: I like the moment when the beat starts. At that moment it’s clear that we love to dance!

Žofie: Same as Nèro, the brass finale and also the very beginning of my verse, it’s so intimate.

How can I understand the lyrics?

Žofie: It’s about a one-night stand that was somehow different and so important in some way. I marked everything with the glitter from my face that night. Ever since I have wanted it to happen again but also knew it was nearly impossible so I’ll just naively keep looking for this glitter lights forever.

What’s your favorite one-liner?

Why did you choose the track at the opener of the album?

Nèro: We are always trying to start with a song that describes the whole album the most. So we did this time. It’s dancing, it’s melodic, it’s catchy, it’s grooving and at the end it’s magnificent. These are the elements you can find throughout M.Y.D.Y. album.

At what point of a concert would you most likely play it?

Nèro: Right in the middle!

At what moment should I play the song?

Žofie: When you’reabout to drink a lot of wine and then you accidentally dream about someone from the past.

Nèro: When you’re in the mood for making love.

Mik: When you are watching the sunset over the ocean from the sofa!

Und, tanzt ihr schon? Das gesamte Album „M.Y.D.Y.“ ist voll mit derartiger Dancefloor-Kracher. Hört unbedingt rein.

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