Ok Sweetheart – Raging flame (Song)

Indie-Folk im Singer-Songwriter-Stil überzeugt mich ja nur ganz selten. Die Amerikanerin Erin Austin und ihr wunderbares Projekt Ok Sweetheart weiß hingegen extrem zu gefallen. Ein wenig Soul, viel Feist – und that new music blog ist begeistert. Im Interview erklärt die junge Sängerin wie es zu ihrem neuen Track „Raging flame“ kam.

How did you write the track in the very beginning?

I was teaching at a writing work shop about songwriting and one of the students inspired me to write this song based off of a story she told.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

This was recorded at Bear Creek Studios in Woodenville, WA with Lumineers, The Strokes and The Walkman producer, Ryan Hadlock. Michael Porter on guitar, Jeremy Buller on base, Alex Westcoat on drums and I’m on keys.
This was the first song we recorded as a band that I had them write all their own parts.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

I like the E major/E minor exchange and the bridge.

How can I understand the lyrics?

Think about it as you’re living in a strict cultured valley and maybe even imprisoned there. Every night you see a light at the top of the mountain and you have such a desire to go there because the burning of that light feels like the burning inside to leave this place. You escape in the night to this place and become one with the light inside and outside. You fulfill your destiny.

Why did you put the track at that position of the EP?

It felt like the right place.

At what point of a concert would you most likely play it?

The middle.

At what moment should I play the song?

When you’re wanting to feel inspired for action in a very determined way.

Wenn ihr euch Ok Sweetheart gerne noch live angucken wollt, findet ihr hier die verbliebenen Daten. Außerdem könnt ihr Erin hier finanziell unterstützen.

20.2. Cube | Düsseldorf (DE)
21.2. Q | Marburg (DE)
22.2. Zucker | Darmstadt (DE)
23.2. Alte Molkerei | Bocholt (DE)
24.2. Hafen 2 | Offenbach – Frankfurt (DE)
26.2. KulturCafe | Mainz (DE)
27.2. Songcircle @ Bagatelle | Zürich (CH)
28.2. UNION | Basel (CH)
1.3. The Lovelace | München (DE)
2.3. LindenCult | Hasselbach (DE)
3.3. Zweitwohnsitz | Potsdam (DE)

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