Oxen – Årstaberg (Song) | Interview

Interview mit Oxen zum Song „Årstaberg“ | Da hat aber jemand im Workshop „How to start an album?“ richtig gut aufgepasst. Oxen legen mit dem energischen „Årstaberg“ furios los. Im Interview liefert die Band Hintergründe zum Indie-Knaller.

How did you write „Arstaberg“ in the very beginning?

It started out with a bass line. The guitar melody in the intro, verse and outro was from the beginning meant to be played by the bass. But somewhere along the way we realized that it sounded so much better being played by a guitar… We wanted to create something that was more like an atmosphere of  different sounds rather than a straight forward rock song. Stefan had some beautiful melodies on the guitar on the chorus and we even thought it might could turn out as an instrumental song.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

We had a pretty solid idea before we went into the studio. The most part is actually a live recording. Since it went down so fast, and we moved on with the other songs, we kind of forgot how it sounded until we got the first mix, and then we just loved it!

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

When everything bursts out and it all turns into a punk song. 

How can I understand the lyrics?

We sort of started our journey with „Oxen“ in a studio in this Stockholm suburb called Årstaberg. It was an incredibly important place to us and it became our haven in the city. Our bubble where nothing outside didn’t really matter. So in some sense the lyrics mean a lot to us but really it’s probably the most „simple“ lyrics that Erik wrote on the album. This song is all about the music and the melodies.

What’s your favorite one-liner of the song?

„I need my empty space, I shut you all out“ an ode to one of our favourite Swedish band called „Franska Trion“.

Why did you choose to open your album with „Arstaberg“?

We love the mystical, creepy sound of it and it has a nice build up. Hopefully it gets you excited enough to listen to the rest of the album! 

At what point of a concert do you play the song?

Usually during some of the most energetic part of the set, to keep the energy up and then finish with this kind of crescendo.

What songs would you put around „Arstaberg“ on a mixtape?

Maria También – Khruangbin

Empty Space – Franska Trion

Shades – Alexandra Savior

The Happening – Pixies

At what moment should I play the song?

When you want to scream. When you are tip-toeing your way home at night.

that new music blog sagt:

Absoluter Killer-Opener, der kratzig und edgy daherkommt, zugleich aber das goldenen Melodie-Händchen, welches die beiden Schweden definitiv haben, zum Vorschein bringt. Die folgenden Tracks der Platte sind weniger furios – im Grundsatz aber auch alle empfehlenswert.

Hier könnt ihr in „Arstaberg“ und das Album „Postpone & forget“ reinhören:

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