Pip Blom (Musician/Band) | Interview

Interview mit Pip Blom | Pip Blom aus der Niederlande verzücken mit frischem DIY-Indie-Punk inklusive zuckersüßen Melodien. Im Interview stellt die namensgebende Sängerin die Band und ihre neuste EP „Paycheck“  vor.

Gut getroffen:


Pip Blom



Active since:

September 2016

What everybody needs to know about you:

I love cheese 

Your current release:


Your finest song:

hmm. I think it’s going to be on our album. It’s called Sorry.

Your first favorite band:

Micachu and the shapes.

Your guilty-music-pleasure:

I love Taylor Swift. But I don’t really believe in the term guilty pleasure to be honest 🙂

The song of your life:

Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Your best lyric-line:

hmmm.. I don’t really know to be honest?

What you would do in life without music:

I think I would be a child-judge or I would study arabic language and culture.

What you take with you to a desert island:

my stuffed animals! They make me feel at home everywhere.

Your favorite place:

my bedroom. It’s so nice.

Your life motto:

you always need to try. Make plans!

Your wish for the future:

It would be so sick if we can live from making music for a couple of years. That would be my biggest dream.

What you always wanted to say:

it’s kind of the same as my life motto. Try to do stuff you want to do. It doesn’t really matter if it’s not working out, it’s really important to just try it.

that new music blog sagt:

Vielversprechende EP mit 4 Jams zwischen Courtney Barnett und Hinds, die extrem kurzweilig daherkommen aufgrund ihrer Diversität aber definitiv nach mindestens einem Album verlangen.

Hier könnt ihr euch die „Paycheck“ EP nochmal in voller Länge anhören:

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