Side Effects (Band) | Interview

Interview mit der Band Side Effects | „Psychedelic Pop’n’Roll“ machen Side Effects laut eigenem Bekunden. Auf ihrem Debüt „Some other day“ funktioniert das ganz wunderbar. Im Interview stellt die schwedische Band sich selbst vor.

Your photo:


side effects



Active since:


Music drawer:

We are playing Psychedelic Pop’n’Roll.

What everybody needs to know about you:

We are a Swedish four piece psych pop act with three different lead singers.

Your current release:

Some Other Day

Your finest song:

Slip Away

Your first favorite band:


Your guilty-music-pleasure:

Tom Jones

The song of your life:

We are the champions – Queen

Your best lyric-line:

”When I meet your gaze I’m alone again” – I’m Falling

What you would do in life without music:

Probably hang a lot at the gym, work out and sweat. We are actually the fittest band north of Donau.

What you take with you to a desert island:

a good fishing rod and a computer for producing sick beats.

Your favorite place:

West coast of Sweden, where you can feel the wind in your hair and the salt from the ocean.

Your life motto:

It’s better to arrive a little bit late in this world than early in the next.

Your wish for the future:

Meeting more people through our music, and keep on writing master pieces.

What you always wanted to say:

Stick it to the man and rock isn’t about getting an A!

Ein wirklich tolles Album haben Side Effects da gemacht. Hört euch hier „Some other day“ voll und ganz an.

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