The Fur Coats (Band)

Portland zeigt uns wieder, was es drauf hat. The Fur Coats sind mal catchy, dann wieder smooth, durchlaufen auf ihrer Reise aber stets mehrere Genres. Bevor die Band im Herbst mit ihrer EP „Mirror gazing“ auf Tour kommt, stellen Betty und Chris Karl The Fur Coats vor, verraten u.a. wieso ihr Tour-Van ihr Lieblingsplatz ist und geben philosophische Ratschläge.

Your photo: 


The Fur Coats (Betty and Chris Karl answering)


Portland, Oregon

Active since:


Music drawer:

Our music drawer is deep, but its mostly full of tape, cables, glues and other odds and ends to fix our beat up saxophones. 🙂

What everybody needs to know about you:

CK: That is very hard to put into words. If you want to feel what we’re about, you should come see us or listen to a couple songs.

Your current release: 

Mirror Gazing EP- which is a collection of three singles we released over 2018, plus a couple of bonus tracks.

Your finest song:

CK: On this record, I would say its ‘Transmortal Vibes’.

B: It’s definitely the vibey-est song. I’m also partial to “In the Garden”.

Your first favorite band: 

CK: Mine were all local bands that no one has every heard of (Manray19, Sah, Calumet Hekla, etc.) more notable first favorites were Dion, Harry Belafonte, Queen, The Jackson 5…

B: I think the first band I ever fell in love with was ABBA…still one of my faves.

Your guilty-music-pleasure:

 BD: I don’t feel guilty about any of my music pleasures.

CK: Nobody should feel guilty about what they like, I fucking love Mariah Carrey.

BD: I feel like you should feel guilty if you DON’T love Mariah Carrey.

The song of your life:

CK: ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ by Marvin Gaye

BD:  “Pissing in a River” by  Patti Smith when I’m sad – “I wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston when I’m happy…or sad…or really any feeling at all……..

Your best lyric-line:

 CK: ‘It’s a small and delicate moment of freedom, when you’re watching the membrane shine’

What you would do in life without music:

CK: I have been recently daydreaming of owning an exotic bird farm in Austria, maybe that?

BD: It’s a pretty impossible life to imagine…music, for me, is a way to connect with people, so I guess I would just find another way to connect with people…maybe through the display of exotic birds.

What you take with you to a desert island:

CK: Makeup

BD: I’d just take Chris…not only is he weirdly good at fixing, inventing and engineering…which can come in handy when you’re stranded on a desert island…but he also looks REALLY good in makeup.

Your favorite place:

CK: Our tour van. Most people get tired of it, but being with my favorite humans, going to new places and meeting new people is absolutely my favorite.

BD: Yes. Same. When we got back from our first European tour last year everyone asked us what our favorite place was and we couldn’t really answer…maybe we’ll have a favorite after this tour that isn’t just the van. 🙂 

Your life motto:

CK: “ ’If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space’- David Lee Roth

Your wish for the future:

BD: Sometimes I wish that the future will just be made up of thousands of desert islands…

CK: I hope for a world that is marginally less terrible every day until we finally find a balance where we can all help each other live the way that we want to.  

What you always wanted to say:

B:  In any moment you are surrounded by smells and sounds and sensations. Your brain might be thinking about a dream, or about a list of things you have to do, or a conversation you had earlier, or a mean thing you said to someone ten years ago… If you can get out of that, making space to do things you love is easier…I want to say something, someday, about that.

CK: Don’t get bogged down in the nightmare, make something cool and remember that every metric that you’re holding yourself up to is a weird illusion.

that new music blog sagt:

In den fünf Tracks der „Mirror gazing“ EP erweisen sich The Fur Coats wahrlich als Wundertüte. Mal packt das Ensemble aus Portland psychedelische Klänge aus („Transmortal vibes“), dann wird es wieder wild und tanzbar wie im Refrain des tollen „We live“ oder in „Real love“. Eine spaßige Angelegenheit – sicher auch auf der Bühne.

Na, wenn das nicht tolle Ratschläge sind, die uns die beiden da geben. Ihr könnt The Fur Coats unterstützen, indem ihr euch die neue EP zulegt oder die Band im Herbst auf Tour besucht:

Di 18.09. Papp | Bremen (DE)
Mi 19.09. Hansa 48 | Kiel (DE)
Do 20.09. Sage Club | Berlin (DE)
Fr 21.09. Ex Sparr | Hamburg (DE)
Sa 22.09. Q | Marburg (DE)
Mo 24.09. Monomontag | Winterthur (CH)
Mi 26.09. Cafe Vinyl | Wetzlar (DE)
Do 27.09. La Parenthese | Nyon (CH)
Fr 28.09. Kasseturm | Weimar (DE)
Sa 29.09. Live Club | Bamberg (DE)
Mo 01.10. SCHICK & SCHÖN | Mainz (DE)
Di 02.10. Zauberberg | Passau (DE)
Mi 03.10. early show: Hafen 2 | Offenbach (DE) – late night show: Frischzelle | Darmstadt (DE)
Sa 06.10. Röda | Steyr (AT)
Di 09.10. Fluc | Wien (AT)
Mi 10.10. Lendhafen Cafe | Klagenfurt (AT)
Do 11.10. Bar Gabanyi | München (DE)
Fr 12.10. Altes Stellwerk | Solingen (DE)
Sa 13.10. Club Nacht @Prinz Willy | Kiel (DE)

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