The Radar Post (Band)

Was man doch im Mix der Woche von Spotify alles entdecken kann. Das Projekt The Radar Post aus Dänemark macht wunderbar verkopften (und das ist hier positiv gemeint) Indie-Pop – inzwischen bereits auf dem zweiten Album. Kopf und Mastermind Esben Sven stellt The Radar Post selbst vor.

Your photo:


Esben Svane



Active since:

Always. Started taking piano lessons at age 6, drums at age 8. Picked up the guitar around age 12 or so… Been striving for a professional carrier in music since age 14.
Active with The Radar Post since 2015.

Music drawer:

Radiohead, The Beatles, Beach Boys, The Radio Dept, Broken Social Scene, Deerhunter, Sufjan Stevens, Neil Young, Eels, The Flaming Lips, Washed Out and so much more

What everybody needs to know about you: 

That I’m just a drummer pretending to be a frontman. Before I started writing songs and producing I was a professional drummer. Sometimes I miss being the drummer in a band, but ironically enough ever since I dropped my drumming carrier I’ve played/recorded drums on more recordings than I ever did. I play drums on most of the stuff I produce for other people…
One more thing: I’m always looking for collaborators around the globe. So if you like my album, hit me up, let’s make music together.

Your current release:

A Good Adjustment To Reality – an album that means a lot to me.
The process has been really important and I’m definitely getting closer to where I want to be artistically. Since I started writing songs my ambition has been to record and produce my own music. And I’m really proud of the quality of the productions on this album. Writing lyrics work as therapy for me and I’ve had a lot to process over the last couple of years, so these songs are a mashup of my professional and personal progress.

Your finest song:

Anywhere In A Paper Boat from my EP The Sudden Stop (released as Esben Svane) or Traces from my first album or The Optimist from the new album.

Your first favorite band:

Metallica. Ride The Lightning was the first CD I bought. I was 9 or 10.

Your guilty-music pleasure:

Hmm… Getting’ Jiggy With It by Will Smith, haha.

The song of your life:

Golden Slumbers from Abbey Road. A song that reminds me not to be so sad all the time. A song I wanna play as lullaby when I have kids some day…

Your best lyric-line:

“Have faith in me, use me as a ladder, to your new life…”. This is from “Ladder” from the new album. I wrote this song for my friend who is an alcoholic and lost both of his parents to alcohol related diseases. He’d isolated himself in a small village, so I tried to help him over a couple of years and bring him back to reality. He lives in Copenhagen now and is a lot better than before. He hasn’t had an easy life though, so he’s still fighting for a better life.


What would you do in life without music:

The world without music would suck bigtime. If I couldn’t live a life of music I would move to the countryside in Denmark or Sweden, build my own place, grow vegetables and just be in nature all the time. And do all the stuff I used to love as a kid…
As for work, I have no idea.

What you take with you to a desert island:

My family.

Your favorite place:

My parents’ and grandparents’ place in the mid-90’s. Miss those days…

Your wish for the future:

World peace

What you always wanted to say:

“I love you” to my parents. 

that new music blog sagt:

Intelligenter und trotz seiner Komplexität leicht zugänglicher Indie-Pop, der der großen Fanbase von The National oder Radiohead bestens munden dürfte.


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