Typhoon – Remember (Song)

Vor gut zwei Wochen wurde ich vollkommen von Typhoon und ihrem epischen Meisterwerk „Offerings“ überwältigt. Die gut einstündige Reise funktioniert aber nicht nur als Gesamtes. Auch einzelne, brillante Songs wie „Remember“ stechen heraus. Sänger und Komponist Kyle Morton hat sich die Zeit genommen und erzählt mehr über die Hymne. 

How did you write „Remember“ in the very beginning?

 I had the melody in my head for about a year before I pinned down the lyrics, which tends to be my process.  I’ll compile a melody here and a chord progression there and over a frustratingly long period of time it all congeals into something like a song.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

I recorded it, along with everything else, in a lightless, basement rehearsal space.  I brought my bandmates in one by one to lay down the foundation of the song and then I spent an inadvisable amount of time on chopping, layering, editing, mixing and vocals.  Normal recording hours were everyday after work at 6pm to about 3 o’clock in the morning.  I still haven’t really recovered.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

 The entire part at the end where Shannon sings. Her high, wispy vocals cut through the mix so beautifully.

How can I understand the lyrics?

I start with the premise that life is, at times, unlivable.  There are certain experiences that one must be repress in order to go on, though this comes at the risk of dehumanizing oneself since suffering seems to be at the heart of the human condition.   This is the subtext of a song that explicitly deals with a wife describing the rather difficult experience of living with her mentally deteriorating husband.

What’s your favorite one-liner?

Technically a two-liner, but:

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Why did you choose to put „Remember“ at that position of the album?

In terms of the general arc of the record, this is the pivotal point of act two in which the listener gets to step outside of the collapsing mind of the narrator to see what his madness looks like on that outside.

At what point of a concert would you most likely play it?

Like on the record, I like this song right in the middle.

At what moment should I play the song? 

When you find yourself in the mood for an uptempo pop rock song about dementia and nothingness.  Could work well at a kid’s birthday party…

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