Wolf & Moon – Getaway (Song) | Interview

Interview mit Wolf & Moon zum Song „Getaway“ | Wolf & Moon (hier schon vorgestellt) bringen für gewöhnlich einen spannenden, atmosphärischen Folk-Pop auf die Bühne. Mit „Getaway“ erweitert die Band ihr Repertoire um ein Upbeat-Roadtrip-Stück, welches richtig Lust auf das bald kommende Debütalbum macht. Im Interview stellt das Duo den Song vor.

How did you write „Getaway“ in the very beginning?

Yes, it was one of our first songs. We booked a trip to the US and a couple of shows in New York and started writing song material after that. We went to a little cabin in the Netherlands and just concentrated on writing new songs. 4 songs were born during that weekend, which we still play. Getaway is one of them.

What can you tell us about recording the song?

We recorded this song with our swedish producer John Andersson. We met the grammy nominated platinum producer during a summer we spend in Sweden. We packed our whole life in a car and drove off to make some more memories. Shortly after we met John we decided to start recording our songs together in his studio. During this process he became a really good friend of us.

What’s your personal favorite moment of the track?

Of course the chorus, especially the ending when we start shouting it out our lungs.

How can I understand the lyrics?

It’s this feeling when you just really want to go on a new adventure, discover the world, travel new places, make memories. It’s so energising to go travelling. We just love it!

Why did you choose to release „Getaway“ as your first real single for the debut album?

Cause it became a bit like our “anthem”. The rest of the album is probably way more chill compared to this song but this song is defiantly the more energised side of Wolf & Moon. People have been asking for this song for a long time, since it’s one of our oldest songs it was finally time to reveal it.

At what point of a concert do you play the song?

We always play this song as the last one during our gigs and it’s when everyone starts dancing and sings along! 

What songs would you put around „Getaway“ on a mixtape?

Two of all-time favourite road trip songs: Pretty Pimpin by Kurt Veil and I Feel it All by Feist

At what moment should I play the song?

Roadtrip are the obvious moments. But also just when you want a little energy boost and you are tired of everyday life. You dream to GETAWAY.

that new music blog sagt:

Schöner Upbeat-Song, der das ohnehin schon breite Repertoire von Wolf & Moon schön erweitert. Insbesondere durch die Gitarre wird ein omnipräsentes Sommer-Feeling vermittelt. Toll auch, wie die beiden Stimmen im Refrain harmonieren – ein gerade gern verwendetes Stilmittel, welches auch hier Spaß und Vorfreude auf den Longplayer verbreitet.

Das gesamte Album von Wolf & Moon erscheint am 25. Januar 2019 und bringt damit im tiefsten Winter den Sommer zu euch.

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